Zip-Up your under deck system and your pocketbook

If you want something badly enough in life, maximum effort is usually required. Rome was not built in a day, professional athletes do not reach the hall-of-fame after their first game, and children graduating from university in 24 hours would be absurd (though seemingly reasonable for them, I’m sure). In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, oftentimes patience and effort take a backseat to convenience and speed. But what if there was a way to combine both maximum quality and a speedy process into your outdoor renovation project?


Let’s use, as an example, the world of under-deck systems. One of the toughest things for any home owner to define is the underside of their elevated deck. The beams and joists are usually left open and bare, giving the space below an unfinished look not worthy of the investment in the amazing decking material you just installed above. Rain and snow constantly drip through the spaces between deck boards, which can create puddles, stains and can even contribute towards rotting and mold. Traditional under-deck options give you the esthetics solution you’re looking for, but are often bulky and time consuming to install. Once you also factor in the cost of materials and labor, it’s no surprise that a majority of homeowners choose to simply ignore under-decking altogether. At least they did, until MP Global Products came along and changed the under-decking game with their revolutionary Zip-Up system.

Founded in 1997, Zip-Up Underdeck allows for a clean and finished look while simultaneously providing dry, useable outdoor living space. The system is simple and easy to install, requiring little more than a few simple hand tools and a ladder to complete. The material is lightweight and durable (a rare combination in the contracting world), and is available in a variety of lengths to suite your needs. It is even manufactured to be paint-ready (provided you are using a latex-based solution), so you can use match the color of virtually any home or deck, and can change colors on a whim!

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One of the biggest advantages to the Zip-Up system is the ability to attach and remove panels with ease. This not only provides a more streamlined installation process, but makes maintenance a breeze. Being able to remove panels for plumbing or electrical access is a real asset, as most under-deck systems create a more permanent structure that generally restricts these options once installed. Running wire for things like outdoor sound systems, telephones or even a hanging TV can now be safe and protected! With Zip-Up, the need to bring in all that summer patio furniture or wrap those outdoor speakers up in garbage bags is finally alleviated. You can feel comfortable in storing things under your deck, while having the confidence of knowing that water damage is now a thing of the past.


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Featured on At Home with Gary Sullivan, the Zip-Up system has gotten rave reviews from just about everybody who has worked with it, and as such, has earned the official Deck Store seal of approval (though this seal may or may not, in actuality, exist). Overall, Zip-Up is one of the most trusted tools in The Deck Store toolbox, and we are proud to associate ourselves as a dealer for such a tremendous product.

So if you’re in the mood to zip up your deck without having to unzip your pocketbook, contact The Deck Store today to get started!