Trex Elevations: Perfection From The Ground Up


I know the first question you may be asking yourself is: why would I want a steel-framed deck? And the answer to this as is simple as it is complex; because it’s better! Our ancient ancestors came to the realization that steel did a much better job of protecting them and provided the foundation for stronger structures because it was not an organic substance (such as wood). You could change the recipe, so to speak, if you wanted something harder, softer, pliable, etc…where by comparison, you get what you get with trees.

The Deck Store’s First Trex Elevations Steel Framed Deck in Ontario


We are exited to share with you images of installation process of our new deck.
This is first Trax Elevation steel frame deck in Ontario!

Don’t Just Do Decking…Do Trex!


Being the first to do something can be difficult. I imagine the first person to try and domestic a dog, for example, probably didn’t fare too well. Likewise for the first person that tested shark repellant, attempted to skydive or thought alligator wrestling was a fantastic idea. Being a pioneer in any area has its […]