Flexstone: Quality That Lasts a Lifetime

Good, quality materials are the ones that always seem to last a lifetime. They are the constant centrepieces of our social gatherings, the rocks to hold onto in a storm, the Duracell batteries in our electronics (seriously, that bunny can survive anything). When you buy quality, you recognize and cherish it, going out of your way to treat it with the utmost care. Simply put, a lifetime item is something you buy once, and then never need to worry about for the remainder of your days (hence the name).

But such items are rare to find, and usually end up costing you a pretty penny. I remember during my university days having a friend who seemed to avoid lifetime items by any means necessary. I can’t even begin to tell you how many computers, cellphones, mp3 players, etc she went through in those days, all the while preaching to me mantras like, “I just needing something for now”, and “I don’t need anything fancy.” This line of thinking never made any sense to me at the time, and to be honest, it still doesn’t compute with me now. Why would someone want to buy something and know that it will break, erode or wither away? You might as well take your money out to you backyard and light it on fire!

So how do you know the difference between great, quality production and a brand selling you on mediocrity? Sometimes it is difficult, and we’ve all been fooled before; just look at all the passengers aboard the Titanic. It was billed as the “ship of the gods”, “unsinkable”, and “an engineering marvel”. The reality? It ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean mere hours after it left port. The same can be said of most products designed for your outdoor living space (not that you can find them at the bottom of the Atlantic, but that mediocrity is often masked as quality), which is why research and education are important.


Take something like deck coatings, for example. You want to invest in a product that you know will hold up to the rigors of rough Canadian winters, constant foot traffic, ski boots and who knows…maybe even a runaway iceberg (which is not such a crazy thought given the way this winter has progressed!). You want something durable, low-maintenance and visual appealing, while also being able to tick off that “lifetime item” box. And if you’re looking for that and more, in one affordable, easy-to-use package, look no further than Flexstone.

Established by Drytech Construction in Vancouver decades ago, the Flexstone line of luxury coatings was originally designed to fill a need in the ski resort industry, which represents some of the biggest challenges there are in terms of surface wear. Walking areas are constantly subjected to harsh freezing/thawing, and see a heavy amount of both ski poles and snow blowers. As such, they require as much waterproofing and grip as possible, which is where Drytech comes in. Developed as a water-based, liquid coating, Flexstone met all the requirements of the skiing community and more! In fact, this eco- friendly product is now used in a number of additional outdoor applications, including: decking, planters, boat decks, golf resorts, and many more. What’s more, there are even advantages to using Flexstone indoors as well, on things such as garage floors, inside walkways, shower stalls and even bathroom tiles. And the best part? Flexstone comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Now if you’re anything like my aforementioned friend, you might be thinking: maybe I don’t mind having to do a couple re-applications if it will save me a few bucks. Well Drytech thought of that too, which is why they designed Flesxtone costs to compete with ten-year, heavy duty vinyl…but to last over twice as long!

Is this even possible, you may be asking? Buying an application that cost less, and has the quality to stick around for a lifetime? You better believe it is.

Flexstone tab

The TUFFLEX line of Flexstone products is designed to not only be the most affordable water-proof coating on the market, but also the safest. With an application thickness of 90-115 milligrams (twice the industry standard), Flexstone is able to provide an unparalleled level of shock absortion, cushion, and traction control. It contains no solvents, no added chemicals and no strong odours as well, making it safe for children and pets. Plus, Flexstone comes with the added bonus of being a “green product”, meaning you can enjoy your outdoor space and save Mother Nature all at the same time.


Now, would the Titanic have still sunk had it had Flexstone adjourning its surfaces? Okay…maybe so. But if its designers would have been more concerned about the quality of her products instead of flashiness and esthetics, her story may have ended much less dramatically. The moral of the story is to do your research and always be prepared for anything. Rains fall, kids spill, winters happen, and yes…sometimes icebergs pop up out of nowhere.

To learn about the extraordinary benefits of Flexstone and how it can benefit your project, contact The Deck Store today.