Composites, capped composites, PVC and ASA decking materials make up this category of decking materials – our specialty!

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TIVADEK TIVA Building Products has been in the plastic extrusion moulding industry for over 20 years. Their vast experience in a rapidly changing industry has made them the plastics experts they are today.



With TimberTech you can build a dream deck with confidence, and enjoy the Less Work. More Life. promise. Backed by a 25-year limited residential warranty, TimberTech takes the virtual “to do” list out of your deck.


AZEK® Deck Boards have pioneered a new generation of Low Maintenance Decking.


Zuri® Premium Decking was created by Royal® for the homeowner who expects more than the usual from their outdoor home environment. Someone who can’t get enough of the beautiful look and feel of exotic hardwood but has had enough of living with the demands of maintaining its looks.



Trex outdoor living products are true value-added features for residential and commercial installations. They offer unmatched good looks and longevity, and will never rot, crack or splinter.


Fiberon® composite decking provides you with the freedom and flexibility to create an outdoor experience unlike any other.


Endeck is the perfect combination of strength, good looks and easy care.


WOLF Decking offers all the advantages of premium performance without the premium price. Now, with four distinctive collections to choose from, you can enjoy a more attractive low-maintenance deck year after year.

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As the largest supplier of wood decking, low-maintenance composite and outdoor accessories in the GTA, The Deck Store is the place to go to prepare for your next decking project. We offer a wide variety of outdoor supplies and decking options, ranging from railings, to LED lighting, to landscaping, awnings, spas, and everything in between. We pride ourselves in being the only source you’ll ever need for all your decking solutions, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you come up with a unique space you can enjoy for years to come.

Composite decking is a relatively new material to the world of outdoor living, and essentially is composed of various recycled materials and fibers (mainly hard plastics and wood). This material was introduced to the market with the goal of eliminating the typical maintenance issues associated with traditional wooden decking; things like fading, cracking, splitting, splintering, molding, rotting, and the need to be treated and sealed regularly to maintain its original look.

The Composite Advantage

Though a more expensive investment than traditional pressure treated lumber, the benefits are far more valuable than monetary savings. There is no more treating, staining, sanding or other maintenance required, and this alone can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life span of a deck. There is also no more worry of cracking, splitting or rotting, with most brands of composite decking staying true to form for the duration of your deck’s life span.

Composite decking also has an advantage in the area of color, as the uniformity and consistency of your tone of choice offers a fresher and more complete outcome than paints, stains and natural pressure treated lumber. This gives your deck a cleaner and more consistent look, while also giving you the added bonus of low-maintenance cleaning and upkeep. Another nice feature is the comfort composite decking provides underfoot; typically these materials are designed to be easy on the feet (especially bare feet) and to be as kid-friendly as possible. There are several manufacturers today that offer slow-heating or even cooling surface technologies, and though in direct sunlight these materials will absorb heat like anything else, typically this is only an issue in extreme temperature situations.
Composite decking generally comes with a warranty as well which gives you, the purchaser, the security of knowing your decking can be replaced in the event of product defects, breakdowns, etc. This is clearly not something that lumber yards or manufactures can provide, and provides many consumers with peace of mind.

There are as many as 30 brands of composite decking materials on the market today, each with their own unique designs, formulas and manufacturing techniques. Because of this healthy competition, you can benefit from several different innovations in technology and esthetic looks, such as: solid or hollow cores; smooth, brushed, or wood grain texture, uniform color or streaking patterns, hidden fastening clips or standard fastening profiles, optional profiles for trim, skirting, and railing, and many more. The Deck Store has done the leg work and selected only the very best, most reliable manufacturers to work with, so you can be sure to find a quality brand that suites any budget and lifestyle. We’ve been doing this since 1986, and invite you to take advantage of our industry experience and knowledge.

Composite Decking Improvements

Low Maintenance Decking

Like anything else, the invention of composite decking did not come without the proverbial bumps in the road. In the early days, manufacturers made claims of being maintenance free, unstainable, fade resistant and so on. While there may be materials available currently that can back up some of these claims, the truth is that like anything else, no product is perfect. For example, lower-end composite materials may be more susceptible to mold. Most composites contract and expand with temperature changes as well, making them harder to remove and replace should you damage or stain one. All composites come with the possibility of scratching and scuffing (though nothing major in most cases), and some can even fade in extreme temperature environments. Being man-made, these things can always be improved upon, but there are still those that prefer the natural beauty, feel and smell of real wood.

The current generation of composite decking products are more natural looking, have increased stain and fade resistannce, contract and expand less than before and are abundantly less susceptible to mold (which can grow anywhere where moisture is present and can be combatted by a regular cleaning). With an increased selection of colors, wood grain patterns, profiles, and material types, the composite decking selection has never been better and is proving to be a wise choice for the intelligent consumer of today.

Final Thoughts

Composite decking will save you time and money by greatly reducing maintenance and repairs while providing a strong, durable, and attractive deck. And since composite decking is made from recycled plastics combined with reconstituted wood fiber, rice hulls, bamboo fiber or other organic materials, it is both eco-friendly and esthetically pleasing.

Being more uniform and consistent than wood has its advantages as well, making composite easier to cut and work with than wood. The average handyman will have no issues installing this material, often with very little guidance or help. Whether you are planning something simple or a more extravagant project, the versatility of the composite decking world provides you with options limited only by your imagination.

Composites, capped composites, PVC and ASA decking materials make up this category of decking materials – our specialty!

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