Resisto Joist Guard


If you’re looking to maximize the life of your new deck, Resisto Joist Guard is a product you should definitely familiarize yourself with. Manufactured using an asphalt mastic adhesive, Resisto Joist Guard is designed to self-seal itself around screws and nails, blocking pathways for water to infiltrate into your decking. Designed to be applied to the top of deck joists, this unique formula acts as a waterproof membrane, preventing wood from rotting or decaying, while simultaneously denying water accumulation under your decking boards

Water Management Hidden in Plain Sight


Trex has realized a solution to a problem everyone knew existed: the space under a second-floor deck is not as useful as it could be. While it would be great to install lighting, create an indoor-outdoor kitchen, or make a dining or living space beneath a deck, water leaking from above can make these uses impossible.

Zip-Up your under deck system and your pocketbook


If you want something badly enough in life, maximum effort is usually required. Rome was not built in a day, professional athletes do not reach the hall-of-fame after their first game, and children graduating from university in 24 hours would be absurd (though seemingly reasonable for them, I’m sure). In this fast-paced world of instant […]