TruGrain: The Result Of Love and Truth


TruGrain offers the warmth, feel and look of real wood, but with a sustainability that is far superior. Unlike many composite or PVC products on the market today, TruGrain is a bio-based compound.

Flexstone: Quality That Lasts a Lifetime


Established by Drytech Construction in Vancouver decades ago, the Flexstone line of luxury coatings was originally designed to fill a need in the ski resort industry, which represents some of the biggest challenges there are in terms of surface wear. Walking areas are constantly subjected to harsh freezing/thawing, and see a heavy amount of both ski poles and snow blowers. As such, they require as much waterproofing and grip as possible, which is where Drytech comes in.

Don’t be fooled by imposters: This is Real Cedar


Some things are just better when they’re real, aren’t they? No hard feelings faux leather, veggie burgers or the makers of ePhones and iiPhones (yes, they exist…not surprisingly), but we like things to be exactly what they say they are. We like to bite into our hamburgers and taste real meat (sorry McDonalds), we like […]