Penofin Wood Finish: Good Enough For a Horse


Esthetics are something the human race has been concerned with since the dawn of time. We have planted flowerbeds in our yards, hung things from our walls and placed those little garden gnomes in our grass for this specific reason (what else would possess a man to do this??). Esthetics is the reason why single […]

Bring Your Deck Back to Life!


The advancements in decking technology over the years have been substantial, and if you’ve decided to have any of them adjourning your home, you are no doubt pleased with your investment. If however you are not among the fortunate, there is still hope for you! From the DeckMAX line of products, comes PVC Deck Revitilizer; […]

Deck Finishes: Get your Deck Surface Ready!


Preparing your deck surface properly can make all the difference when applying a coating to your deck. In order to insure a durable and uniform finish on your wood deck you need to make sure your deck’s surface is ready to receive the coating. Preparation is an integral factor in the process of refinishing your […]