Meet Chuck!

Product Specialist, Design Consultant and all-around good guy, Chuck has been with The Deck Store since spring of 2013. Achieving his Masters in Applied Science from the University of Guelph, Chuck brings with him considerable skill and technical know-how, using his education to also fill the role of on-staff Plastics Engineer; the only position of its kind in the decking industry.

“The thing I love most about the industry is that there are so many innovations, good ideas and cool things happening pretty much every day; you will never get bored!”

Chuck has been involved in product designing and product sourcing all over the world for Deck Store, making frequent trips abroad to study new production techniques and scout potential additions to The Deck Store collection. Finding materials that meet The Deck Store’s lofty standards is no easy task, and Chuck takes great pride in seeing his selections ultimately adjourning his client’s outdoor space.

“I can help to change people’s lifestyle and improve their outdoor living space at the same time. Each completed project and satisfied customer fills me with a very strong sense of accomplishment.”

Chuck is an avid fan of the NBA, and enjoys both playing and watching basketball in his spare time (his favorite teams being the Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors). Originally a native of China, he got his name from the great Chuck Norris, of whom he is also a big fan. This is a far easier moniker than trying to pronounce his Chinese name in English.